MDC/Allison & Partners Study Reveals Importance of Creativity to C-Suite

MDC Partners and Allison & Partners have released the findings from their first C-Factors Index survey, which polled C-suite and other senior executives about the impact that creativity is having on business and other aspects of the world around them. According to the results, 98 percent of those polled believe that creativity is “critical to economic success.” Seventy-three percent think we’re in an “imagination” economy.

The study was conducted by Noesis, which received 200 completed surveys from execs falling into categories like principal, partner/owner, president, and CEO.

The findings also show that 80 percent of these execs believe that business leaders must support and encourage creativity for this sort of thinking and activity to continue.

Creativity in comms was highlighted, with 64 percent saying that it was necessary for the best business results, 41 percent think it’s important for gaining market share, and 30 percent think it’s critical for globalization efforts. Moreover, 62 percent of CEOs think it’s vital to their personal success in their jobs.

We spoke with Billee Howard, creative development officer at Allison & Partners, in August about the definition of creativity. At the time, Howard gave a very basic definition — “it’s to make the complex simple in elegant fashion” — and went on to describe creativity’s usefulness in business. What are your thoughts on the topic? The comments section is open.