McMullan: ‘Writer, Can You Stand Somewhere Else?’

patrick_photo.gifWell, someone’s had the temerity to say with a byline what others have whispered for some time: That fashion and celeb photog Patrick McMullan can be, um, difficult to work around. Diane Clehane, who has written for our parent, wrote in fashion rag after the CFDA awards earlier this month:

I know it is heresy to say anything less than glowing about Patrick McMullan but here goes: It’s not enough that he always gets the first shot — literally and figuratively — at every event. It’s a given and every reporter I know gets it and works around it. Last night, while three of us waited to talk to Heidi Klum and were trying to figure out how we also might get Janet Jackson who was coming up the stairs at the same time, McMullan bumped into me from behind. Clearly annoyed, he looked at me with distain and said, and I quote, “Writer, can you stand somewhere else?” My answer: “No, I can’t.” I’ve got a job to do too. Give me a break. Then, while other reporters were trying to talk to Terrence Howard he interrupted the 30-second interview that they had patiently waited for — and cleared with his gatekeeper — to grab the actor for a photo with Janet Jackson. Nice.

LookOnline editor Ernest Schmatolla says some other folk, including “major editors” agree:

“In response to Diane Clehane’s article referencing Patrick McMullan and his attitude toward writers, we have received a few emails that essentially agree with Diane’s comments,” he told us today, adding for good measure: “That is the truth and I have seen it.”

Patrick we haven’t met you. We’re sure you’re swell. We know you don’t need to take our photo because we’re neither fashionable nor celebrities. Kiss-kiss.