McManus At The Top

Lots of news out there this morning on the appointment of Sean McManus as the new president of CBS News.

Our cousin, TVNewser, rounds up the morning papers’ reaction. A sample from the Philly Inky: “McManus’ appointment was hailed as gutsy and innovative by those inside and outside CBS. His dearth of news experience won’t hurt him, they say. ‘Sean is a fantastic guy,’ says veteran CBS producer Susan Zirinsky. ‘He knows who we are and what we do…He’s a bold guy who’s going to make deals.'”

On CBS’ Public Eye blog, Vaughn Ververs rounds up some of the internal reaction to the decision. (Aside: So in the age of blogs, how does one deal with writing the unofficial reaction to an official decision on an official blog?)

In the New York Times, though, Bill Carter points out that yesterday’s CBS announcement was really only the first step in a giant pile of unanswered questions.