McKayla Maroney Is Finally Impressed…by 7UP

If we were advising major brands on new promo campaigns, we would generally discourage them from jumping on six-month-old web memes to hype their newest product rollouts. But what if that meme were “McKayla Maroney is not impressed” and the brand were the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group?

Yeah, we’d probably still tell them to stay away. We figured that, once the President himself gets in on a joke, the public will never see it as clever, hip or edgy again. But the soda giant has decided to revive the summer’s biggest social micro-media trend in order to get the public excited about a truly impressive new product…a ten-calorie soda! (You can hold your applause for now.)

McKayla will not appear in any video spots, but she will promote carbonated sugar water in New York’s Penn Station later this week. Maybe she’s just impressed by the fact that, with the company’s newly expanded “Ten” line, fans can drink their favorite sodas and “Get Both“: the taste and the (low) calories. That’s the message, but it’s not a new one; Dr. Pepper Ten first hit the shelves way back in 2011.

Will this campaign work? Should brands avoid trying to wring more life from played-out social media trends? If they vote to take the plunge, how long should they wait to cash in? Six months seems about right…