BuzzFeed Campaign Scribe McKay Coppins May Wear ‘Strange, Exotic’ Mormon Underpants

Throughout the election it became common knowledge that BuzzFeed‘s McKay Coppins was the Mormon covering the Mitt Romney campaign. Coppins tweeted about being Mormon several times and Politico called him “the Mormon on Mitt’s trail.”

Even so, it was never an issue extensively covered by Coppins. Today, however, he has a lengthy first-person account about his experience covering Romney headlined “A Mormon Reporter On The Romney Bus.”

Coppins writes about Romney aides who were uneasy talking to him simply because, like Romney, he’s a Mormon and the campaign didn’t want it to be a high-profile issue. He says he approached his coverage of Romney knowing how the faith had shaped his world view. Despite Romney’s own obvious avoidance of of discussing his religion, Coppins says Romney’s candidacy has, at least to some degree, demystified it.

Most importantly, Coppins begins and ends the story with personal stories of fellow reporters chatting about the underwear Mormon’s wear…An excerpt:

“The exchange prompted giggles from the group — some nervous, others indulgent — as I slid down in my seat and pretended to look at my phone, hoping it wouldn’t occur to any of them I might be wearing the strange, exotic garment they were all gossiping about.”

“So, do you wear them?” a reporter asks Coppins at the end of his story. But damn if we don’t get an answer. Aside from describing himself as “something of an expert on the subject” in the past, Coppins leaves things open to the imagination as to whether he wears Mormon underwear.

Sadly, he has not responded or even tweeted back (his preferred method of communication) to our direct question on the matter.

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