McDonald’s Will Join Verizon as NFL-Twitter Amplify Partner

Fast-food giant is loving football ads; Twitter continues TV march

If you’re an ad industry player who has watched National Football League games in the last few weeks, you’ve probably noted that McDonalds has really ramped up its marketing this season. Well, the fast-food chain is apparently just getting started, as it will—in addition to a steady stream of TV spots across networks—be the second advertising partner in the new NFL-Twitter Amplify partnership, per a source close to the situation.

Verizon Wireless was revealed as the lead sponsor for the initiative today. The McDonald’s announcement will surface during the coming days, according to the source, who said the two brands would likely own the complete NFL-Twitter Amplify inventory throughout the season.

To be clear, Verizon will get the lion’s share of the tweets-based promos, including getting exclusive, constant mention via the NFL’s Super Bowl Twitter activity on Feb. 2. Generally speaking, the brands will be featured in pre-roll video and other ads via the burgeoning social network during the league’s 2013-14 campaign. 

Interestingly, the NFL apparently sees the Twitter partnership as a year-round endeavor. The league’s media office in Los Angeles has put together a social-media team to handle the initiative, which will include daily tweets for the next 17 weeks and then less frequently during the off-season.

The relationship kicks off tonight with NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football broadcast. For this evening and beyond, per a league rep, the Amplify tweets will feature game video from either NFL Net or, as well as match-up analysis and other relevant information.

“The NFL has always been at the forefront of media innovation, and this is the next step in that evolution,” said Adam Bain, Twitter’s chief revenue officer. “Having access to this type of highly coveted content on Twitter will not only offer our users a unique programming schedule which will deepen their engagement with our platform but will also provide our sponsors with a value proposition that few other partners can bring to the table.”

San Francisco-based Twitter has been busy striking media partnerships with sports companies like the NFL for Amplify, which systematically enables them to promote TV-based events and sell social ads against the broadcasts. ESPN, U.S. Open, CBS and the NCAA are other organizations that have hooked into Twitter's tube-centric mindset in recent months.

Meanwhile, with the Twitter sponsorship, Verizon has increased its already considerable football-based marketing outlay. Earlier in 2013, the telecom agreed to a four-year deal worth $1 billion to air NFL games on its cellphones via the NFL's mobile app.