McDonald’s Wants To Give You $10,000 If You’re Part Of “The Perfect Pair” On Twitter

Do you have a Twitter doppelganger? Someone you have delicious back-and-forths with? McDonald’s wants to know, and they’re willing to give you $10,000 if you prove you and your “other” are the best.

The fast food company is unveiling a new Frozen Strawberry Lemonade drink, and they want to find the best two-person combination on Twitter to help them do it.

In a unique marketing campaign, McDonald’s is asking Twitter pairs to tweet why they’re the perfect duo – just like strawberry and lemonade. Those who can prove that they’re the absolute best pairing will win a $10,000 prize ($5,000 in cash and $5,000 in travel vouchers).

Now, the “pair” you tout on Twitter doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic. You can be part of siblings, co-workers, real life friends or even just friends on Twitter. McDonald’s just wants you to tweet about why you’re the best.

Now for the rules: this contest is only open to US citizens, and both members of the pair must have a Twitter account. The submission tweet must include a link to the “Rules” page (which can be shortened with of course), the hashtag #McDFSLPairs, and the Twitter username of the other half of the pair that didn’t send out the tweet. Each pair can submit a new tweet every day, until the end of the contest on May 15.

Ten finalists will be chosen among the tweeting pairs, and each will be given a McDonald’s branded flip camera to film an extension of why they’re the perfect pair. The winning video will get the $10,000 prize.

This is a pretty cool marketing campaign from McDonald’s. The fast food company has been buying Promoted Tweets and other products for some time now, so they know how to really work the Twittersphere.