McDonald’s Rolls Out Redesigned Packaging

We confess that we haven’t been inside a McDonald’s since the Clinton administration, but we do have fond memories of the fast food giant’s rockin’ script-typeface-drizzled packaging of the mid-1990s. (We seem to recall a special “collect-them-all” scheme involving fluorescent-framed plastic sunglasses and a matching supersize drink cup.) Now comes word that McDonald’s has begun rolling out redesigned food packaging (pictured above, at far right)—along with snappier furnishings (remember last year’s fake Jacobsen chair scandal?)—to its 13,900 U.S. locations, with those in 117 other countries to follow. BusinessWeek has the scoop:

The new packaging is splashed with bold text and crisp imagery. Unlike the previous no-frills white and red box, the new Big Mac container, for example, triumphantly exclaims in heavy block text, “There is only one.” On one side, plucky marketing copy extols the Big Mac’s height while, on another, the vegetables, cheese, and cooking utensils used in the burger’s making are highlighted. The goal, says Mary Dillon, McDonald’s global chief marketing officer, is to “create unique personalities for our menu items by telling a story about each one.”

Easy, Mary. A storytelling Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Personality may be too much for even the most capaciously-stomached McDonald’s customer to digest. But some aspects of the new packaging were implemented with more practical matters in mind. Notes BusinessWeek, “Full-color photographs of ingredients are intended to remind customers that, for instance, a Quarter Pounder is, indeed, made of real food.”

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