McDonald’s New Viral Marketing Campaigns


McDonalds wants to make some inroads among both the teenage and 18-34 male demographics, as usual. Fast Food Nation and Super Size Me ruined things among the intellectually inclined, and as for the rest… well, Burger King has been hurting them with both the Subservient Chicken and day-without-Whopper promotions.

Enter McDonald’s new viral advertising campaigns. There’s the McRib Farewell Tour 3, the Filet-O-Fish Man Vs. Dolphin Competition and the Society for the Morning Impaired.


  • A free, downloadable make-your-own t-shirt kit for the “McRib Farewell Tour 3”
  • “Man vs. Dolphin” online games for the Filet-O-Fish (though we’re wondering why McD’s decided to associate themselves with dolphins… You know, worries about fishing harming dolphins and all.)
  • Free Sausage McGriddle sandwiches from a website aimed at twentysomethings.

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