McDonald’s Narrative Runs Across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

#MightyWings effort is a first for the brand

McDonald's has been a leader in terms of major brands testing social media in the last few years. Therefore, it was initially surprising to learn that its fun-oriented Who's Got The Mighty Wings? effort today marks the fast-food chain's first attempt at running a storyline across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. But the innovation, in this case, is truly in the details.

Rick Wion, McDonald's social media director, confirmed the development with Adweek while stating his team was running paid ads on Facebook and Twitter to push the hashtag-driven (#MightyWings) initiative. It builds on McDonald's one-week-old TV campaign—starring Super Bowl XLVII quarterbacks Joe Flacco and Colin Kaepernick—for its Mighty Wings menu item, while throwing the football-minded appeal a bit of a curve ball.

McDonald's has switched out its brand on Twitter for a character called The Groundskeeper, who has a sidekick named Reporter. The Groundskeeper is sometimes dubious on the micro-blogging site, typing out the word "Hashtag" instead of using the pound symbol while he and his sidekick trade barbs with two characters, Super Fan and The Cheerleader, who are dedicated to McDonald's Facebook page. For instance, Super Fan earlier today posted: "HA! That groundskeeper doesn't get it. He pretty much incriminated himself on Twitter."

Their fictional banter is largely premised on "Who Has The Mighty Wings?"—akin to more-famous taglines such as "Where's The Beef?" or "Who shot J.R.?

What's more, it's noteworthy how McDonald's is bouncing the narrative back-and-forth between characters on Facebook and Twitter. The content is also appearing on Instagram and YouTube.

DDB Chicago, GolinHarris and OMD contributed to the one-day, newsroom-styled play, working with Wion and McDonald's digital exec David Martinelli.

So are consumers loving it? Well, on Facebook alone, the effort has garnered roughly 10,000 interactions (likes and comments) in the last six hours.