McDonald’s Launches BeatQuiz to Keep Visitors Entertained While Dining

Customers at select McDonald's locations in Sweden can now play a trivia game based on the music playing in the restaurant

BeatQuiz allows users to answer multiple-choice questions based on the music that's currently playing in the restaurant.

McDonald’s and Soundtrack Your Brand, a music streaming service for brands, launched BeatQuiz, a new feature within the McDonald’s mobile application that allows users to compete in an augmented reality quiz game while dining at one of its locations.

BeatQuiz is now playable in select McDonald’s restaurants in Sweden, and it allows users to answer multiple-choice questions based on the music that’s currently playing in each restaurant. Users can compete against their friends in 10-question matches or work to earn a spot on the game’s daily leaderboards. The game can be played on both iOS and Android.

In a press release, Ulf Persson, head of digital customer experiences at McDonald’s Sweden, commented:

A never-ending digital pop quiz, BeatQuiz is packed with incredible entertainment that McDonald’s guests are going to love. We can’t wait for people to start challenging pals and impressing others with their music trivia knowledge. Personally, I can’t stop playing it. And you won’t be able to either.

Joel Brosjö, co-founder and chief experience officer at Soundtrack Your Brand, added:

Games like Nintendo’s Pokemon Go have showed us that the best playground out there is the world we live in. With BeatQuiz, we’re applying the same logic to bring the McDonald’s restaurant environment to life.

McDonald’s isn’t the first restaurant chain to use music to engage its visitors. For instance, Starbucks previously partnered with Spotify to allow its customers to learn more about the music being played in its stores through the Starbucks app.