McDonald’s Introduces Happy Meal Boxes That Turn Into Virtual Reality Headsets

We don't think salmonella in your pupils is a good thing.

Quick Quiz: When you think McDonald’s, what do you think?

I’m loving it? Big Mac? Childhood obesity? Whatever comes to mind, it usually revolves around food. Those were the good ol’ days.

Now, in Sweden, McDonald’s fans will get more out of their Happy Meal than a toy that will fall apart in three days. The box will actually become a real-life transformer and change into a virtual reality headset to create Happy Goggles.

According to PRNewser’s mothership Adweek, the home of the Golden Arches came up with the promo specifically for Sportlov, a one-week school break meant to encourage families to go on ski trips. McD’s even developed a ski-themed VR game called Slope Stars to go with the headset.

See for yourself:

If you are a brand enthusiast in Sweden, visit one of 14 restaurants from March 5 to 12 for a chance to capture from cardboard View Masters for a little more than $4 (USD). You know, if you don’t mind a box of day-old fries and pink gooey chicken nuggets on your kids’ faces.