McDonald’s Egg McMuffin Brings Breakfast to the PM

The public is evolving faster now than ever, and the public relations industry needs to keep pace. With the direct and instantaneous impact of digital technology and social media, the public receives information sooner, faster and in greater volume than it did mere years ago.

The public no longer religiously consumes the evening news, deposits checks during banking hours or eats according to the same routines. We’re simply different people than we used to be. These cultural shifts impact our behavior in many important ways, especially in regard to our eating habits and schedules. Breakfast isn’t just for breakfast anymore, thanks in part to the Egg McMuffin.

If you have ever heard a friend or family member say “McDonald’s should really serve breakfast all day” it is because the Egg McMuffin owns a space in our collective idea of breakfast that no other fast food product parallels. It’s the hamburger and fries of breakfast, and now it’s going to compete with those very products during afternoons and evenings.

Regardless of your personal opinions on the Egg McMuffin’s dietary limitations or the business practices of the McDonald’s empire, the brand’s recent decision to serve breakfast all day long makes sense. It’s been a customer favorite for 40 years.

Today’s public is dynamic, fluid and open to a new, 24/7-world that is no longer defined by the regiments of time zones. Global communications have erased the psychological boundaries and physical borders that once dictated our lives, so if you can hold a conference call via Skype with your Japanese clients at 2 AM, the idea of an Egg McMuffin at 4 PM doesn’t seem odd at all.

Wendy’s, which came to the breakfast game too late, knows the power of the Egg McMuffin. Wendy’s spent a fortune trying to penetrate the breakfast marketplace, but couldn’t because it never had a product that anchored the brand as a breakfast food provider in the mind of the public. Burger King, Denney’s and other brands are also breakfast brands, but none offer a food product that rivals the public’s strong relationship with the Egg McMuffin.

However, now that the Egg McMuffin will be available all day, will the public tire of it?