McDonald’s Created a Live, Virtual Ramadan Hourglass to Show When It’s OK to Break Fast

Leo Burnett Saudi Arabia helps counts down the hours to Iftar

Image of three McDonald's hourglasses
Ramadan campaign for McDonald's Saudi Arabia counts down the time until iftar, when Muslims break their fast. Leo Burnett Saudi Arabia

McDonald’s in Saudi Arabia has found a clever workaround to promote the brand throughout the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, during which Muslims fast between dawn and sunset, breaking their fast after sunset at the Iftar evening meal.

The advertising of food during this time is not allowed, so Leo Burnett Saudi Arabia has created the Iftar Sand Clock, a virtual, live hourglass that counts down the time until Iftar each day when McDonald’s items are available to be sold again.

Campaign for McDonald's Saudi Arabia counts down time until Iftar using virtual, food shaped sand timers.
Leo Burnett Saudi Arabia / McDonald's

The campaign will run throughout the month of Ramadan, which this year ends May 24, and features virtual sand clocks created in the shape of a Big Mac, a McFlurry, and a portion of McDonald’s fries.

The work is being run on social media and on outdoor screens at McDonald’s drive-thrus.

Agency: Leo Burnett KSA
Advertiser: McDonald’s Saudi Arabia
Regional managing director: Mazen Mitri
Chief creative officer: Mohammed Bahmishan
Creative director: Saadi Alkouatli
Creative director: Mohammed Sehly
Creative director: Alexandre Choucaire
Art director: Jose Pedro Bortolini
Copywriter: Mohammad Omeira
Group account director: Fady Yamak
Account supervisor: Mohamad Hijazi
Production company: Prodigious MEA
Music: Canja
Animation: Optix Dubai

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