McClatchy, K-R Bureaus To Merge

E&P has the inside scoop on yesterday’s meeting at the Knight-Ridder bureau where the hundred staffers there met their new McClatchy bosses. All around, it seems like good news for Knight-Ridder:

Howard Weaver, vice president of news for the McClatchy Co., informed staffers that their bureau would soon be merged with his paper’s operations–if the big newpaper deal goes through–with a target date of July 1. He promised no layoffs but said that McClatchy D.C. Bureau Chief David Westphal would run the office, not longtime Knight Ridder Washington Editor Clark Hoyt,” Joe Strupp writes.

The downtown Knight-Ridder bureau, above Hecht’s in Metro Center, houses more than a 100 staffers, including both national and local reporters, as well as the KRT wire service and Newscom. McClatchy’s National Press Building office, by comparison, houses only 13 reporters.

One source told Strupp that Weaver reaffirmed his respect for Knight Ridder’s bureau, and vowed no job cuts, which “alleviated a lot of concerns here.”