McCann’s Mad Men Tweets Help Lift the Agency’s Mentions by 46%

Being cast as the villain in a hit show actually doesn't hurt, either

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Since it's been part of the program's storyline from practically the beginning, McCann has been tweeting about Mad Men episodes for years. But for the final season, it has been cast as an extreme antagonist as it swallows up the fictional subsidiary Sterling Cooper & Partners, the lifeblood of the show's narrative.

Spoiler alert, folks: Save this story for later if you're not caught up on this season.

During the last four Sundays of the AMC drama—there are just three left—the real McCann has had some fun with being the "bad guy." For instance, when the curvy redhead Joan Holloway visited McCann to discuss a pantyhose marketing plan in one episode, the shop's fictitious all-male team across the table acted incredibly sexist. Here was the real-life agency's tweet in response. 

During last week's episode, when Don Draper and his team's last-ditch effort to save the agency was all for naught, McCann tweeted this. 

And after it became painfully clear that Sterling Cooper was losing its name and offices, McCann followed up with this pithy note and a near-perfect accompanying image.

We wondered how all of this could impact McCann's business, so we asked Amobee Brand Intelligence to scour the Web for mentions-based data. Compared to the weeks leading into Mad Men's April 5 season premiere, online mentions/impressions for McCann are up 46 percent. Thirteen percent of all digital mentions for the agency are Mad Men-related, said Amobee. And, the Foster City, Calif.-based data company found that McCann's 40-odd tweets about the show in the last month have been retweeted nearly 1,000 times. 

It's probably reasonable to assume the show itself—which is popular with general consumers as well as the ad industry—is helping drive McCann's recent social media successes. But give the agency credit for having a good time with it—and the tweets are definitely helping the cause. 

When we asked McCann reps to comment on how their efforts are going this season, the PR team coyly responded on Twitter instead of replying to the emailed inquiry. 

Lastly, here's a handful of our favorite tweets from the 113-year-old agency. 

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.