McCainSpace Makes Me Feel Really Connected

This afternoon I saw an article on Techcrunch which highlights the launch of McCainSpace, a social network for John McCain supporters. Its competition? of course which has actually succeeded at becoming a hub for the Obama grass roots campaign. The new portal was launched by KickApps (also one of the sponsors of Social Ad Summit) and provides a much needed upgrade to what previously existed.

The most hilarious part of the site is the video of John McCain when you first view the homepage. I’ve embedded a copy of the video below and if I’ve ever met an enthusiastic person, John McCain is it. Check out the video:

The site also displays videos of individuals that support McCain for one reason or another and describe why they support him. One video appears to be a joke though. Maybe the person is being serious but it appears to be a little bit sarcastic. “I support John McCain because he likes the Bush tax cuts which really helped out economy.” I won’t get too political but the guy speaking in the video appears to be joking a significant amount.

If you are big Republican fan then go jump on the bandwagon over at McCainSpace, something McCain is clearly passionate about. While McCain may not be technically savvy, as he just learned about Google and the internet a couple weeks ago, his campaign definitely is. According to the Wall Street Journal today, the McCain campaign is snapping up search terms faster than you can say “Barack Obama”.

As the campaign heats up, it appears that both candidates are taking it to the web. While it’s one area that Obama used to dominate it appears that the McCain campaign is trying to shake things up a little. It will definitely be interesting to watch how the next few months play out.

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