McCain: Wasn’t Me!

One Washington Times employee jokingly (we assume) wrote in to FishbowlDC that Robert Stacy McCain’s love of cigarettes may have caused the fire alarm to go off at their 25th anniversary bash last week.

Not so! says McCain:

    When the alarm sounded, I was seated at Table 13 with my beautiful wife, along with an official from the Bosnian embassy, and copy editor Peter Parisi and his lovely companion.

    After the alarm continued for more than a minute, I decided to go investigate the cause. Finding no sign of fire or smoke, I proceeded out the F Street exit, where I encountered Libertarian Party political director Stephen Gordon and the LP national chairman, Bill Redpath. I took advantage of this opportunity to inquire of Mr. Gordon about LP affairs, and asked whether the party’s Region 4 representative, Bob Barr, was in attendance. Mr. Gordon told me that Mr. Barr was indeed present for the gala, and was seated at the National Rifle Association’s table.

    That’s when Mr. Gordon told me he believed that Mr. Barr had activated a smoke alarm by smoking a cigar on the premises.

    Was Mr. Gordon joking? Well, Mr. Barr is indeed a cigar smoker and he has a reputation for mischief. And you know what they say about libertarians ….

See, it was Barr’s fault.