McCain vs. Obama = Website Wars

We might not know who is going to win the U.S. presidential election come November (well, we have a pretty good idea), but we do know which candidate has the better Web site.

More than 100 Internet experts served as judges for the annual WebAward competition held by The Web Marketing Association.

And it looks like a landslide…

DESIGN: Asked “which Website has the most pleasing design?” WebAward judges selected the Obama site 4 to 1 over the McCain Website. 84.5% of them voted for Senator Obama’s Website and 15.5% selected Senator McCain’s Website as better looking.

CONTENT: In terms of having the most appealing content, judges again selected the Obama Website over John McCain ‘s Website, although by a narrower margin than the first two criteria. 71.6% of the WebAward judges felt has more appealing content for visitors compared to 28.4% for WebAward judges also found that the Obama Website is more effective for telling the candidate’s story and attracting contributions and voters to its cause (72.2% Obama vs 27.8% McCain).

EASE OF USE: Senator Obama’s Website was seen as easier to use by the WebAward judges than Senator McCain’s. 73.8% selected as easier to use compared to 26.2% of WebAward judges who felt was easier.

What about copywriting, interactivity and use of technology? Click over for the full results.

When the WebAward judges were asked “If the election was to be held today. Which candidate would you be more likely to vote for?” 54.6% responded Barack Obama, 15.7% responded John McCain, 11.1% voted neither and 18% reported that they are a non-US judge and can not vote for anyone in a US election.

Specific comments from the judges can be seen on the Web Marketing Association Blog.

The survey of Websites was held during the second week in October.

Past judges have included top executives from leading organizations such as A&E Television Networks,, Comedy Central, Disney, Xerox and others.

Let’s see how these results compare to the election’s outcome…