McCain, Martin go on the op-ed offensive

In a really nice get for the LA Times op-ed section, Sen. John McCain and FCC chairman Kevin Martin sound off on the runaway costs of cable TV in the last few years and the near-carcinogenic growth of channels no one watches.


“in just the last two years alone cable prices have increased at twice the rate of inflation — and more than 90% since 1995. Cable companies explain away their skyrocketing prices by saying they are giving you more and more channels. At no time, however, have the cable companies actually asked if you want those additional channels. You have to pay for them whether you want them or not.”

In the words of Michael Hiltzik how can you tell if you’re paying too much for cable? Ask, “Is it monopoly?” If the answer is yes, you’re paying too much.

How much more would the McCain / Martin proposal save you?

“The Government Accountability Office has found that cable rates are 15% lower when a community has at least two companies competing for consumers. The Federal Communications Commission found that consumers could lower their monthly cable bill by as much as 13% if they had a la carte programming options.”

Time to call your Senator, eh?