McCain Campaign Launches Straight Talk Express

The McCain campaign decided to enter the world of Facebook yesterday with the launch of the Straight Talk Express application. So what does the application do? Not much to be honest. All it does is embed the video which I’ve included below. That’s it! It also enables users to invite their friends and provides links to John McCain sites as well but nothing else.

I’m not quite sure why the McCain team decided to launch this application rather than embed the video on a fan page but that’s their decision, not mine! The McCain team is way behind the Obama team on Facebook given that the Barack Obama fan page has now crossed 1 million supporters. The John McCain straight talk express application has added less than 1,000 users so far but then again it just launched yesterday.

The video created by the McCain team is a really well done MTV Cribs style overview of one of the Straight Talk Express buses. I’m not sure how this tells me anything about McCain as a candidate but I definitely learned a little something about his bus driver. Check out the video below and feel free to install the Straight Talk Express application.