McCain Adviser on Palin: “She Gets on Her Email and Deals Directly With Press”

Ana Marie Cox, who, in a sign of the times, recently set up a donations system to keep her on the McCain beat through the election – her job as Radar Washington editor is no longer as the magazine folded – has an interview with McCain adviser and communications guru Nicole Wallace.

Wallace, who also has advised VP candidate Sarah Palin tells Cox, “She gets on her email and deals directly with press and the staff and it’s very, very impressive. Very appealing,” which led Cox to follow up with, “So she’s emailing with members of the press corps right now?” To which Wallace responded, “Not the national press, but she has said that her press in Alaska was very much a part of her political experience there.”

The big news involving Wallace this week was her “being put under the bus” as the scapegoat for Palin’s now famous 150k wardrobe expense, namely by Fox News contributor Fred Barnes. Says Wallace: “I have a very long relationship with Fox News, and the notion that someone would call me a coward on the air and accuse me of putting $150,000 on my credit card without a single person calling and checking with me suggests that something is going on.”

Read the full interview here.