McAfee WaveSecure: $20 for iPhone. Free for Android?

Every now and then a large well-known company launches a product that makes you ask: Why does anyone need this? And, when the app is question cost $19.99 for the iPhone (iPad), that question becomes much more important. That’s what happened when I read that McAfee (now owned by Intel) released its $19.99 security app (WaveSecure).

McAfee launches anti-theft mobile app for the iPhone (VentureBeat)

So, what do you get for $20?

Backup & Restore
– Back up your contacts, photos and videos to the cloud
– Restore data to a new device
– Access your data online from anywhere

Apple’s MyCloud should provide these features after iOS 5 is released for the iPhone and iPad.

Locate & Track
– Locate your lost device and plot its locations on a map

Apple’s Find My Phone does this right now. And, the app and service is free.

And, by the way, if you use Android, WaveSecure is available for that platform for free. That’s right, iOS users pay $19.99 while Android users pay nothing.

McAfee WaveSecure

McAfee WaveSecure Android Market

McAfee WaveSecure iTunes App Store