mbToolbox has the tools, the rest of us are just the fools

Is that something Mr. T would say? In any case, I feel compelled to send some props over to MB’s own Claire Zulkey of mbToolbox fame for being generally awesome, but specifically on the ball when it comes to tapping into the Zeitgeist and being ridiculously prescient – see her Dec. 22/05 post on the “Lulu Titlescorer” which scientifically evaluates the probability of your book to be a bestseller, based on its title. Our Ms. Zulkey certainly had her finger on the pulse a scant month ago:

“Plug in your book title and see if you have a high chance of scoring a bestseller (unfortunately you can’t plug in the entire text of your book and have that scored.) NB: A Million Little Pieces only has a 63.7% chance of being a bestseller. I guess there’s no way to plug in the Oprah factor.”

Or the “Unmasking By The Smoking Gun As A Total Fake” factor, come to think of it.

Thanks too to Gawker for picking up on Zulkey’s great idea from last month in today’s post!

Put Your Title To The Test [mbToolbox]

Update: Props to GalleyCat – they had it on Dec. 15th. Oh, blogger brethren. You make my job easy.