mBlox Trials Sender-Pays Data Model

Mobile transaction network mBlox has launched the first cross-carrier mobile sender-pays data trial to test a new business model in the UK that lets content and services providers bundle the content and data fees together in a single transaction.

The trial, which involves most major UK mobile operators, includes four content providers and lets customers purchase mobile video, games, music and educational content, along with the data cost, together at the point of purchase.

The content providers participating in the trial include:

Fox Mobile Distribution – Zero-rated games and music services.

ShortsTV – Mobile video-on-demand.

Incentivated – Mobile video drama called “Thmbnls” for the Department of Children, Schools and Families.

Creative North – Local authority funded educational application.

Benefiting both content providers and network operators, the trial offers great scope for collaboration between all parties involved in the mobile content industry, such as collaborations between content providers and mobile advertisers to provide sponsored content.

A “Zero Data Charge” logo has been developed to identify content that utilizes the sender-pays trial. The use of this logo on the Web and mobile Internet sites will enable consumers to easily identify which content will be delivered with any associated data charges paid by the content provider.