Maywood Is Offically National News — But No One Has the Real Story

This Fishie has been in Mexico for the past few days, so he completely missed the New York Times’ story this weekend on the tiny city of Maywood, which recently had to sack its entire police department to avoid bankruptcy. Have to say, though it’s nice to see Maywood finally getting attention, the Times’ piece didn’t have much of a clue what was really going on in Maywood. The piece ends with a quote comparing Maywood to the Soviet Union from Hector Alvarado, who the Times’ says heads a “civic advocacy group” in town. That civic group is “Comite Pro Uno,” which Alvarado runs with Maywood Mayor Felipe Aguirre. A couple of years ago, Aguirre and Alvarado used $95,000 in city funds to refurbish “Comite Pro Uno” headquarters, where the pair also happen to live. If Maywood is the Soviet Union, Alvarado is among the biggest apparatchiks in town.
Of course, the LA Times really wouldn’t know that either. Maywood is a tricky place to report and they’ve pretty much stayed clear until news of the city government implosion demanded coverage. The reporter who knows this stuff inside and out–former LA Weekly staffer Jeffrey Anderson–is now at the Washington Times. Anderson was all over the Southeast LA County beat for years, and after leaving the LA Weekly had a nearly impossible time placing fantastic investigative stories he dug up. Here’s hoping someone finally gives him a call and gets him to LA to get to the bottom of what’s really happening.
In today’s LA Times, James Rainey wonders how many stories are being missed in the Southeast. Having covered that area for nearly two years, we can answer Rainey’s question for him–just about all of them.