Mayor Bloomberg’s Spanish Twitter Alter Ego Speaks

Despite the inconveniences of Hurricane Irene, people didn’t lose their sense of humor. A parody site, @ElBloombito, launched, poking fun at New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s attempts to habla español. El Bloombito’s service message to New Yorkers last night:

Los offices del la cuidad will be opentado mañana. El commuto el mucho tough y mucho slow. Que crowding!

The New York Observer posted an interview with Rachel Figueroa-Levin, the woman behind the site, which she says, started off as a joke.

It’s admirable that the Mayor would make an attempt to reach New York’s large Spanish-speaking community with his brief Spanish interludes during press conferences, but, yeah, he should travel a little farther north of Gracie Mansion for a quick lesson in pronunciation. A sample of the Mayor’s Spanish stylings above.