@MayorEmanuel Meets Stephen Colbert [Video]

Chicagoans and Twitter lovers alike tuned in in droves last night to watch Stephen Colbert interview the man behind the notoriously foul-mouthed Rahm Emanuel impostor account @MayorEmanuel.

@MayorEmanuel reached over 40,000 followers during his stint as the “other” Rahm Emanuel. This parody account was among the most popular on Twitter, and the man behind it has been getting his fair share of media attention since signing off post-Chicago election and revealing his identity.

Dan Sinker came forward in February after the real Emanuel pledged to donate $5,000 to charity if the impostor revealed him or herself. Since then, he has been doing interviews and guest appearances, even meeting with the real Emanuel for a radio show.

Now, his claim to fame is cemented: He’s been a guest on the Colbert Report.

It’s fun to hear two satirists battle it out over what “lying” is. Colbert tries to skewer Sinker a bit when he asks “Is it your job as a journalism professor to teach students how to lie?” in reference to Sinker’s Emanuel impersonation. Sinker gracefully bats away the implied criticism and calls his Emanuel impersonal “telling funny stories” instead.

You can take a look at the full interview below, or at ColbertNation.com.

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