Mayor Rejects Idea Of Handouts For MJ Memorial Expenses

Last week we reported that the city of Los Angeles was requesting donations to help defray the cost of public services for the Michael Jackson memorial. This morning mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said that the city of L.A. alone was responsible for those costs. Where there had previously been a request for donations and a link to Paypal on the mayor’s website, there is now only the following statement:

We are no longer accepting donations. Thank you to those who donated.

From the LA Times:

The mayor, who had been on vacation in South Africa during the event, said he disagreed with his staff’s decision to put up a website requesting public donations to help cover the city’s cost.

“I thought it was ridiculous,” the mayor told reporters during a visit to Los Angeles Trade-Technical College.

Villaraigosa said Los Angeles is a large metropolitan city where major events occur routinely, and that the city is obligated to protect public safety. He added that no one would have expected New York or Chicago to ask others to donate for basic city services during a major event, and said he is not going to ask AEG, the owner of the Staples Center, to either pay or raise money to offset the city’s expenses.

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