Mayor Rahm Emanuel Meets Fake Mayor Rahm Emanuel

He has been delighting Chicago Twitterati with his foul-mouthed parody of their now-Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and now he’ll be helping young Chicago students hone their own creative writing skills. He’s Dan Sinker, and he is the man behind the @MayorEmanuel parody Twitter account that has garnered international attention in these past few weeks. And now, after meeting the man he had been poking some light fun of for so long, he’s come away with a boat load of interviews, profiles and over $10,000 for charity.

During the Chicago mayoral elections, @MayorEmanuel started tweeting. It quickly became apparent that this wasn’t actually run by Emanuel or his staff – it was profanity-riddled and read more like a piece of literature than typical political tweets.The tweets were hilarious, and Chicago tweeps started flocking to this parody account in droves.

After racking up over 40,000 followers (the real @RamhEmanuel account only has about 13,000), @MayorEmanuel signed off in a colorful display of self-sacrifice. Shortly before his last tweet, Rahm Emanuel had gone on public radio in Chicago to offer $5,000 to the charity of the impostor’s choice if he or she revealed him or herself.

And the time has come.

Earlier this week, Dan Sinker – an assistant professor of journalism at Columbia college and founder of a famous punk ‘zine – revealed his identity, and the requisite media frenzy has followed.

After being rocketed to national fame, Sinker has now finally met the man that he spent those many months meticulously crafting tweets about.

Emanuel and Sinker met on the Chicago radio show the “Roe Conn Show”, and talked Twitter. It was on this same show that Emanuel had pledged to donate $5,000 to charity if Sinker revealed himself, so it was fitting that he’s hand over the check to Sinker’s charity of choice on the show last night: the Young Chicago Authors. and the host of the radio show also donated $5,000 and $2,000 respectively.

I guess a lot of good can come from a little foul-mouthed fun.

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