Mayor John Hickenlooper Wants Denver to be the Creative Capital of the West


You know we’re suckers for cutie mayors bragging about the design and sustainability of their cities, and John Hickenlooper, Denver’s head guy, is no exception. He’s been a fixture in town for awhile, as a founder of the Wynkoop Brewery (a microbrewery that might be served in the other room right this moment) and was on the board of Denver Art Museum.

In case you didn’t know Denver is pushing the largest public transit initiative in the country and has more miles of bike path than any other city. There’s an incredible commitment to public art, and the city conducted a large branding survey to find out how creativity helps the city that resulted in the logo you see above.

Now he’s bragging about the new museums from fast-talker Danny Libeskind and David Adjaye and a new building by Allied Works. Other initiatives make us jealous, like Doors Open Denver (like Open House NY) and the Mayor’s Design Awards, Paper Free Friday and not one but two “prints”: Greenprint Denver and Blueprint Denver.

And what a crowd pleaser…he declared this Design Week in Denver.

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