Mayor de Blasio’s Rep Claims He Doesn’t Fake His New York Accent

Yes, really

Today in It’s a Hard Flack’s Life news, New York outlet DNA Info recently asked whether Mayor Bill de Blasio — who was born in Manhattan but grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts — might just be faking his NEW YAWK accent.

A linguistics expert told the pub that de Blasio’s pronunciation of the word “neighborhood” was more heavily accented during his most recent citywide address than in previous speeches:

We don’t really hear it, but a vast majority of respondents to the DNA Info poll — and a subsequent one run by Yahoo — answered “yes” when asked whether the Mayor might be faking it “for street cred.”

We’re primarily interested in the fact that de Blasio’s spokesperson called DNA’s question on the subject “the most ridiculous inquiry we’ve gotten yet in 2015,” though we don’t think that record will stand for long.

On a side note, skip to 1:47 in this Jimmy Kimmel video from last week for what our own favorite Boston resident Elizabeth Mitchell calls an “authentic” Massachusetts accent (as delivered by one Matt Damon):