Mayor Bloomberg Redeemed With Irene Response

Mayor Bloomberg on the restored subway service earlier this morning on his way to work. Photo: NYC Mayor's Office

Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s rep took quite a hit in the aftermath of the big blizzard in December. The lead-up to Hurricane Irene may have struck some as overblown, but in the end, Mayor Bloomberg is getting all A’s for his response to the storm that largely wasn’t.

The New York Times quotes a Brooklyn council member who says that the Mayor’s actions “probably saved lives.” And the paper gives the Mayor points for appearing before media cameras numerous times to give updates on the storm’s path and the city’s preparations.

The New York Daily News quotes disappointed council members who don’t have anything to criticize about the Mayor’s response. And New York magazine says even if he was trying to make up for his blizzard fail, “so what?”

Even with all the warnings, two kayakers had to be saved after they decided to go rowing in the storm. People don’t want to be worried unnecessarily, but if there’s an indication that something big is going to happen, it’s best for a head government official — or business leader — to lead. Making his presence known (something President Obama did time and again during debt-ceiling talks) and sharing information on a frequent basis are a couple of ways to do that.

While The Daily Beast’s Howard Kurtz lays into the media for it’s hyped up hurricane coverage (his response seems to be just as dramatic, if not more so, than the media he criticizes), people want the media and government officials to take these things seriously. Many did lose power, suffered from flooding and other both major and minor inconveniences, and some actually did die from the storm. The fact that the storm wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and the recovery can be taken up quickly is just all for the better.

[Image via Gothamist]