Maybe This Why the Media is Dying

Last night we read on Twitter that there was a new feed TheMediaisDying. We thought,”Oh, we should do a post about that.” And before we woke up this morning – it was in the NYT, Gawker, AFP, Buzzfeed – just about everywhere.

From NYT:

Sites like MediaBistro, Gawker and The Poynter Institute’s Romenesko blog have long provided an overview of the comings and goings of the media industry. But since Twitter limits posts to 140 characters, The Media Is Dying sidesteps commentary to deliver the bare minimum – a recent post simply read: “Kim Masters has been let go at NPR.” The feed has even broken a few stories, with reports of layoffs at Adweek and Brandweek posted before they appeared on traditional media sites.

If information is currency and speed compounded interest…that’s why the dinosaurs are going extinct…err broke.

Anyway, @themediaisdying awesome tweets. Love them.

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