How To Maximize The Effectiveness Of Your Tweets [TWITTER TIPS]

Did you know that tweets sent over the weekend have a 17 percent increase in engagement than those sent during the week? Or that Twitter updates of less than 100 characters see, on average, a 17 percent gain in engagement than those that go beyond this ceiling?

For brands using Twitter it’s vital that they look to maximize the effectiveness of each and every tweet that they send to their network. Even the little things can make a difference – while asking followers to retweet a post can increase sharing twelve-fold, only one percent of brands do this. And while hashtags can dramatically increase engagement, using more than two in a tweet will likely have the opposite effect.

Using data from a recent Buddy Media report, Strategies for Effective Tweeting: A Statistical Review, Fusework Studios have created this infographic which provides hints and tips on how you can maximize the impact of your tweets.

(Source: Fusework Studios. Speed dial image via Shutterstock.)