Maxim Magazine EIC Redefines ‘Hot’ as Relevant

Kate Lanphear rocks it like it's 2015.

MaximMagHotList2015How cool is this? Per WWD’s Aria Hughes, the fourth issue of the Maxim magazine-Kate Lanphear era is right in line with this weekend’s Elizabeth Banks smash directorial effort Pitch Perfect, Charlize Theron’s character in Mad Max: Fury Road and Amy Schumer’s recent upending of 12 Angry Men.

The Hot 100 list has been rechristened the Hot list; there is a lot more clothing; and in place of numbered entries, the honored women are grouped in sub-categories. From the WWD report:

Under editor-in-chief Lanphear’s direction, Maxim’s traditional Hot 100 list, which formerly featured nearly naked women chosen by the magazine’s readers, is now an all-inclusive lifestyle list that includes summer films, travel destinations, restaurants and trendy beverages.

“I was really determined with the issue to try and redefine what hot means for the brand. For me, the barometer of hot isn’t just beauty; it’s relevance,” said Lanphear, who joined the team last September, after serving as style director at T: The New York Times Style Magazine. “Our audience likes to look at beautiful things and, among them, beautiful women, but they are interested in so much more than that.”

Are you listening, Hugh Hefner? Time to reinvent that tired old centerfold.

For #1 ranked relevant gal Taylor Swift, just another day in a spectacularly successful young life. The singer-songwriter was dominant last night at the Billboard Music Awards. Read the Maxim Q&A with Swift here. The Hot issue arrives at newsstands May 27.

P.S. That great cover shot of Swift was taken by Thomas Whiteside.