Maxim Disputes NYP Story, Says Ed Resigned

Via Gawker:

Sent: Friday, May 12, 2006 12:20 PM
Subject: Message From Stephen Colvin

Many of you have read the article in today’s New York Post about Ed Needham leaving Dennis Publishing. I just want to clarify that Ed Needham resigned from Dennis Publishing. He is not ‘about to be forced out…’ as the New York Post article states. Ed actually resigned about three months ago and has been quietly and professionally working out his notice period. He will be leaving Dennis Publishing at the end of this month. His decision to leave is purely based on his desire to relocate back to England with his wife and young child.

Is this a case of he said, he said? Bottom line: Needham’s out, the magazine is for sale, and we’ll all surely get hot-and-bothered with whatever happens next.

Ed Needham Resigns — Not Axed — from ‘Maxim’ [Gawker]