Maxim Cancels iPad App

Oh Maxim iPad app, we were just getting to know you. Unfortunately, All Things D reports that Maxim has cancelled the app, without warning or even a bikini-clad coed wishing us farewell.

On the app’s iTunes page, a message states, “June 2011 will be the final issue of Maxim HD. Get future issues of Maxim through the Maxim Magazine application available on iPhone and iPad.”

It seems odd for Maxim to do this, especially considering an iPad is perfect for photographs of half naked ladies and explosions — the stuff that makes Maxim readers salivate. Okay we’re just guessing about that, but photos do look gorgeous on the iPad, so the app disappearing is sort of puzzling.

We just received word that the app isn’t ending, rather Maxim is switching production from Byte Sized Candy to Mag+, and the new version “will be up soon.”

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