Daily Newspaper Vet Gives Print Delivery the Boot

MaxBootTwitterProfilePicOver the years, Max Boot (pictured) has worked as an editorial writer and op-ed editor for the Wall Street Journal, assistant national editor at the Christian Science Monitor and as a columnist for the Los Angeles Times. During his high school days in Reseda, Calif., he was the editor of both the official Cleveland High School newspaper and a second underground publication there.

As Boot writes today in Commentary, he never thought he’d see the day when no newspapers would be delivered to his doorstep. But after downscaling to weekend delivery, he has today officially made the switch to digital subscriptions only:

So what happened? In a word, the iPad. Blame or credit Steve Jobs: I have found that it’s simply easier to read newspapers on my iPad, rather than slogging downstairs to pick up the print copy – if it’s there.

Often it isn’t – either not delivered or stolen. Or sometimes it’s there and wet. No matter what, there is a hassle involved with a print subscription which only multiplies when you go out of town – you have to remember to suspend delivery.

Boot, the author of several books on the history of warfare, describes today’s adjustment as bittersweet. But he also reminds that he is still supporting the proud tradition of newspaper journalism by paying for the WSJ, the New York Times and Financial Times product.
[Photo via: @MaxBoot]