Maureen Dowd’s Take on Post-Election Black and White Intermingling

large_BARACK-MICHELLE.JPGAt this point expectations for any real insight from Maureen Dowd are fairly low, but if anyone needed further proof that MoDo was not up to the magnitude of last week’s election results they certainly got it in Sunday’s column wherein she recounts all the interactions she’s since witnessed between white people and black people: “Everywhere I go, some white person is asking some black person how they feel…I saw one white customer quiz his black waitress at length at a chic soul food restaurant downtown…I saw three white women asking a black bartender at the Bombay Club…I saw a white-haired white woman down the block from me running out to strike up a conversation with a black U.P.S. delivery guy.” Then she tries to hit up her mailman. Over at the Ta-Nehisi Coates had this to say:

Hmm…waitress, bartender, UPS man, mailman. I’m sensing a pattern here. Is Maureen Dowd only concerned with black people who bring shit to white people? Wait? No?…There is so much more snapping to be done here. (Dude, white folks are wishing for holograms — HOLOGRAMS — of Negroes!) But I’m a gentleman, and this is like taking a candy from a baby — a saucy, red-headed baby — but a baby nonetheless. Seriously though, sometimes it’s OK to just give a pound, mutter “respect, respect,” and keep it moving. When in doubt, just keep it moving.