Maureen Dowd’s Most Expensive — And Sickest — Column Ever

The the Washington Post’s Michael Abramowitz details how the New York Times got incredibly sick while following President Bush around the Middle East (“With no medication, she tried to soldier on by grabbing whatever rest she could in her hotel room–not easy to do in a trip of constant movements. By the time the presidential entourage moved to Bahrain from Kuwait on Saturday, she felt even worse. She was so sick, in fact, that she could not write her regular Sunday column.”) and how this trip is gonna cost her paper:

    The only people who might be complaining about the whole affair could well be Dowd’s editors, who may end up paying for one the most expensive columns in her illustrious career. The Middle East trip could well cost upwards of $20,000 for each journalist along. With no column last Sunday, Dowd was doing the math Tuesday afternoon to figure out how much each word of her Wednesday column would cost the Times.

    “I am not sure my bosses will think this is money well spent,” she acknowledged. “The only thing to come out of it so far is a Washington Post item.”