Ted Harbert’s Favorite Fringe Presidential Candidate

Extra points if you already knew Vermin Supreme was running.

VerminSupremeTwitterAvatarThis could definitely do wonders for Vermin Supreme’s follower count on Twitter.

When Maureen Dowd sat down with Lorne Michaels at the most recent Saturday Night Live after-party at Dos Caminos in the Flatiron District, there was at least one notable interruption. A moment that reminds there are many more Democratic candidates for President than those allowed to participate in the televised debates:

At one point, the chairman of NBC Entertainment, Ted Harbert, rushed over from another table, waving a list of 55 presidential candidates running in New Hampshire who could complain to the FCC about equal time. His favorite was Vermin Supreme, a perennial candidate promoting zombie-apocalypse awareness, a zombie-based energy plan and time-travel research. As though that weren’t enough, he’s also promising a free pony for every American and pledging to pass a law requiring people to brush their teeth.

Dowd notes that equal time trigger Bernie Sanders skipped the Feb. 6 after-party for the Larry David-hosted episode. And in the transcribed Q&A that follows, Michaels frames the early dismissals of Donald Trump’s chances with memories of how folks once glanced off that “actor” Ronald Reagan.