Matthews Tosses Softballs With Leno

Chris Matthews didn’t put Jay Leno in a full nelson. In fact, there was no wrestling — not even verbal sparring — during
Matthews appearance last night on “The Tonight Show.” But the host of “Hardball” and “The Chris Matthews Show” shared a few interesting tidbits.

— Right before his appearance he hung up with Israel’s Vice Premier Shimon Peres, who shared with Matthews that Israel would not send ground troops into Lebanon.

— When Leno asked Matthews about Newt Gingrich calling the situation in the Middle East World War III, Matthews responded: “I think Newt’s World War III.”

— Discussing President Bush dropping the S bomb over an open mic, Matthews said during the 2000 campaign, he and Bush had an interesting conversation about when both were still on the bottle. The whole thing was accidentally piped into the newsroom. Anyone have details?

— And Matthews stumped for Rudy Giuliani for the 2008 Presidential election. Though, he’d be happy with anyone who doesn’t have a ranch.