Matthews: SNL, Colbert, Stewart ”The Editorial Cartoonists of Our Time”

Even after taking a drubbing from Jon Stewart, the good-natured Chris Matthews had only positive things to say of the quintessential New York satirist and his cohort Stephen Colbert as well as the gang at SNL. From The Chris Matthews Show:

Chris Matthews: ”You know what I think: Saturday Night Live and I think (Jon) Stewart and those other people — Colbert — are the new editorial cartoonists of our time.

Joe Klein: They are.

Matthews: They’re the Herblocks, the Thomas Nasts. Remember what Herblock did to Nixon all those years? The beetle-browed evil man. Nixon couldn’t look at the newspaper …

Andrew Sullivan:I think … you’re absolutely right.

Matthews: And they really created the portrait of the guy.

We cannot fail to remind the reader that Matthews knows something being on the stung side of the ”editorial cartoonists of our time.” For further reference, see the embedded video above.