Matthews: Sexist Charges “Propaganda”

The Philly Inquirer sits down with Chris Matthews. A sampling:

    6) Why do you talk so loud and seem not to let people finish their sentences?

    Because I do let them finish their sentences, maybe not their sentences, but finish their thoughts. The honest answer is I have to work on that. I never figured out how Ted Koppel was able to keep the conversation going without interrupting. Sometimes people just want to hold the mike and reduce the number of answers. They sometimes don’t have a comma. . . . It would cease to be an interview. It’s my style, I guess, not for everyone, off-putting for some, bracing for others. I love the way that you press them, that you push them, try to get an answer. It’s the way people talk around dinner tables, in taprooms. I’m not entirely patient, but the reason I interrupt is that I’m excited about what I heard. I may need more training. I don’t know. I don’t speak loudly, just with a kind of insistence. I am trying to create an atmosphere. John McLaughlin compares the style to a tummler. That’s a Yiddish word, a guy in the Catskills who used to get all the ladies singing and dancing.

    7) Was it exciting to be the cover boy on last Sunday’s New York Times magazine, even though it portrayed you as something of an egotist?

    – I don’t know what it was about. My attitude was, ‘We’ll see.’ You never know what the impact will be. The fact that you’re talking to me. That fact that Colber talked to me about that Senate thing, which he saw in there. I just have no idea what to expect. Phillip Seymour Hoffman would say in Charlie Wilson’s War, “We’ll see. We’ll see.” So, we’ll see. It’s a very Zen attitude for me. I’m trying to grow into Zen. Ha. Ha. Ha. I’m trying to be grander. Life has a lot of complexities and unpredictabilities.

Also, Matthews appeared on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” over the weekend. One interesting tidbit:

    MAHER: You have been criticized about being a little bit sexist…

    MATTHEWS: Oh thank you for that, why don’t you put that back in the blood stream again, get that out there. Get a little propaganda out there. Who’s criticized me, Hillary? Who’s done this? Help me out.

    MAHER: Yes, Hillary Clinton thinks you’re sexist.

    MATTHEWS: Well, you know, she’s got a problem with a lot of us.

    MAHER: Who do mean ‘us’? Media Matters?

    MATTHEWS: No, not Media Matters. They’re on her side. No media people, I think. I think she’s been tough on the media. She’s run a terrible campaign.