Matthews On His “Spontaneity”

How ironic…mere hours before “Hardball”‘s Chris Matthews dropped some jaws with his pointed comments against the Bush administration last night, his wife, Kathleen Matthews, appeared on “Hardball” and had this exchange:

    Kathleen: How about spontaneity? Do you think spontaneity can also get you into trouble as well as maybe make you likable?

    Chris: How many times have you told me ‘Count to ten’? how many times have you said ‘your big mouth’? Back when I was drinking, you said, ‘You won’t believe what you said last night, you really did it this time.’

    I tend to react abruptly and sometimes dangerously and too often suicidally, but luckily, I’m still here. I’m still doing ‘Hardball’ so I must have been somewhat careful over the years.