Matthews: MSNBC Kinda Endorses Obama

Speaking to students at Harvard last night, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was asked whether MSNBC officially supports Obama.

    Question: “How do you respond to accusations that MSNBC has officially supported Obama?”

    Answer: “Well, it’s not official.” (LAUGH) “Well, I don’t think Joe Scarborough has. And I don’t think Tucker Carlson did. And Keith does his thing. He does his thing – it’s something and it’s very successful. I do my thing. I don’t think that’s true. I think… my sense is that everybody that lives in New York is for Hillary. The people I work with – all my bosses – seem to be for Hillary. I just sense it. They don’t actually say it, but there’s no sense from the top I can tell you that it’s pro-Obama.. by any means. That’s not what I get. And it was basically pro-war during the war.. the bosses were. And I was up against that. And if there’s anybody telling me to push Obama, I haven’t heard it yet. And by the way, they’re so fickle…. but there seems to be a New York thing about Hillary. Just the people from… it’s like the Yankees and the Mets… it’s their thing. You know? It’s Hillary. You know? And I feel it. I find it. It’s hard to figure sometimes. But I don’t know who you are talking about. I know who you are talking about.”

    Some Obama praise by Matthews:

      “We need to elect a president who has been a student of the world and is a student of the world,” Matthews said.

      Praising Barack Obama throughout his speech, Matthews said the Illinois Democrat is a symbol of the positive change that he believe the country needs.