Matthews in ‘Jeopardy!’ Hot Seat Last Night

The tables turned on MSNBC “Hardball” Host Chris Matthews as he appeared Thursday night on NBC’s “Jeopardy!” hosted by Alex Trebek.

Matthews competed against “Californication’s” David Duchovny and “Mad Men’s” Charles Shaugnessy.

For once, the chatty host was on the receiving end of rapid-fire answers. He apparently knows his President Obama trivia and his South American geography. But he struggled in the beginning. By the show’s end, he’d reached $10,000, said one report. Matthews played on behalf of his alma mater, LaSalle College High School in Philadelphia.

The show, it’s “Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational,” was taped a few months ago and aired last night.

“I made a list of things I know, it filled a couple pages,” he said, laughing in a pre-show video on the Jeopardy! Website. Watch that here.

Online chatter is mixed. Blogged Jimmy Orr on the Christian Science Monitor Web site: “A little Hardball attitude from Matthews might make it more entertaining.” Tweeted one D.C. watcher: “Came home to find Chris Mathews getting his tail handed to him on Jeopardy. Very funny to see how shocked he is by the whole thing.” Another posed a question: “Are you smarter than an NBC anchor?”