Matthews Explains

On ‘Hardball’ tonight, Chris Matthews addressed comments he made at last night’s 10 year ‘Hardball’ celebration:

    Finally, last night we had a great celebration here in Washington of ten years of Hardball. We celebrated the wonders of the First Amendment and our freedom of the press which Americans of all political stripes treasure.

    I told the crowd that it hasn’t always been easy these past ten years, that politicians don’t like to be criticized, that in one case their efforts to silence critics, and to cover up those efforts, got a senior Cheney aide caught up in criminality, indeed, in a conviction for perjury and obstruction of justice.

    As my hero Eric Severaid once noted, we cannot always be right on the facts, though we must try to be; we cannot always be fair, but we must try to be. But we must always be independent.

UPDATE: has the video.