British Author Finds ‘Humility’ In Missing TV Interview Due to Oversleeping

Matthew Hancock, a British Minister of Parliament and author, must have made sure to set an alarm for a party in D.C. celebrating the American publication of his book Masters of Nothing. He was there on time Tuesday, unlike an uncomfortable episode he experienced in London earlier this year.

“I haven’t heard about it for a while but it’s very nice of you to remind me,” Hancock, 34, told FishbowlDC, when asked if he still gets grief for the time he failed to show up for a TV interview in London. He missed the spot because he didn’t wake up in time.

“What it reminds us is we’re all flawed,” he said with a laugh. “And if you assume that anything can be done perfectly, whether a regulation implemented perfectly, or a minister gets up on time every day, we’re all going to fail. We’re all flawed individuals and we need that humility in policy making to get things right.”

What a deliciously P.C. answer.

What was particularly troublesome (read: hilarious) about Hancock’s sleep-in is that the segment he was booked for was about… preparing younger Brits to enter the workforce.

“It’s really unfortunate because — and I’m not just sucking up to him — he’s a really hard worker,” said Athith Shetty, an assistant to Hancock, whose name makes a person feel like they have a lisp. “That was the one time that something like that happened.”

Hancock seems to have rebounded splendidly from the incident. He was in good spirits as he drank wine and mingled with guests at the party, which was hosted at the NW home of Ashcroft Group’s Juleanna Glover.

For her part, Glover also socialized while simultaneously handling her hummingbird-like son. The toddler darted around to the different wine stations set up, picking up napkins and silverware from the food table and then finally settling down to eat in the kitchen.